In Essence:

  • Take initiative to retain more accountability
  • Consider indirect accountability
  • Hold others to a high standard – and holding yourself to an even higher one.
  • Set intentions and forgive yourself and others when success inadvertently falls short of that intention.


Accountability in Digital Marketing


 “It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.”

Accountability in digital marketing can sometimes feel like a drag.
Who wants to have more responsibility than eating enough food and drinking enough water to survive?
Maybe throw the occasional kid or dog, but come on. Responsibility is tough!

I get it.

However, accountability is essential to being human and especially if you want to be apart of society.
So, we may as well embrace it, hold ourselves and others accountable, and create a society of conscious people who care about each other.. AND ACT LIKE IT.

I find that one of the most common ways people fall short of holding accountability well is that they may forget what Moliere is saying here.

It’s not only what we do that we are accountable for..
We are ALSO accountable for what we do not do.

We must remember this!

So, how are some ways to be more accountable?

Let’s delve in!


1. Having accountability in digital marketing means taking initiative to retain more accountability



Like I said earlier.. trust me..
I know that more accountability in digital marketing may seem like a drag not worth participating in.
Imagine a society in which more people seek out accountability to retain.

Would you not want to live in that society?

So, be one of the people who goes out seeking ways to be more accountable. Take the extra step.

Conscio developed from the void of conscious marketing.
I decided that I would take that step in retaining more accountability for marketing.

It wasn’t a requirement.

It was my choice. One I’d choose over and over again.

Having accountability in digital marketing means considering indirect accountability




Let’s put this in the social media marketing perspective.

It’s no secret that social media companies have gotten a bad wrap for their selling of data of their users to the highest bidder and manipulating people for their attention to the point of addiction.
(watch the social dilemma)
As a marketer, it is not inherently my fault that this goes on.

Although it is not my fault that this system has been put in place, it is indirectly my fault if I didn’t use the system consciously and/or contributed to the atrocities that go on around me.

That is another reason Conscio is committed to Conscious Marketing.
It may not be expected of me.

But I see the indirect responsibility I have, and accept it gladly.


Having accountability in digital marketing means holding others to a high standard – and holding yourself to an even higher one.



Disclaimer: Don’t be mean.
Really. You are probably not going to incite as much change as you think by being mean to others that fail to meet your standard for consciously being.
So what should you do instead?
Tell people why you approach something the way you do.
NOT why their approach is just wrong.
Stay in the positive light.

With that being said, do hold others and yourself to high standards.
When you see unethical practices, engage, educate, and inspire for change.

Be the good you wish to see in the world and spread the word while you’re doing it.


Having accountability in digital marketing means setting intention and forgiving yourself and others when success inadvertently falls short of that intention.



Nobody is perfect.
Read it again.
Not you.
Not your neighbor.

Accept the mistakes you make.
Accept the mistakes others make.
It’s inevitable.

What you shouldn’t accept is the unwillingness to see something as a mistake and learn from it.
Ego has no place in growth.
It’s okay to have fallen short.
It’s not okay to purposely fall short because you don’t believe it is your responsibility.

***Before anyone claims I’m speaking from a soapbox or a high horse***
I make mistakes constantly.
While I try to learn from them, I fall short.
I only take pride in knowing that I try to be better.
That’s all I can ask of myself and others.

Try to be better than you were yesterday.


Conscio Marketing employs even more ways to market consciously for conscious business.

It’s what we’re most passionate about!
Learn more here!


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But, nonetheless:


Happy Conscious Marketing!




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