In Essence:

  • Marketing is a marathon – not a sprint.
    Don’t expect overnight results.
  • Keep Reading, Keep Learning, Keep on Keeping on.
    Then, use this knowledge.
  • Take breaks regularly, lest you take a break indefinitely.
  • This isn’t easy.
    Stay Resilient, Confident, and Focused.


Best Practices for Longevity
– Conscious marketing

“Successful people have no fear of failure. But unsuccessful people do. Successful people have the resilience to face up to failure—learn the lessons and adapt from it.”
– Roy T. Bennett


I want to be reeaaaallly candid here.

This is easier said than done.

Nonetheless, the sentiment stands tall and true.
The fear of failure is paralyzing.
The constant fear of failure is downright inhibiting.
The incessant fear of failure will keep you from ever amounting to anything you could use to define yourself as successful.

Here’s the key: 

It is only with resilience that you will find that success comes your way.
Everybody is at least somewhat scared.
Fear has a funny way or either driving us to success or crashing us into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yet, if you remain resilient, you will find that what you may consider as “failure” may actually be the stepping stone you need to reach the level you dream of.
Try, fail, adapt, try again.
It’s that simple, but it’s difficult. 

So, here are some notions to remember and ways to stay resilient.


Let’s delve in!


1. Marketing is a marathon – not a sprint.
Don’t expect overnight results.


One of the characteristics of humans that sets us apart from many other animals is our endurance.
Most animals have great speed, a large stature, some weaponized part of their body, or something else.

Not us.

What humans have is the capacity to keep going for long periods of time.

In our hunting days, it was the ability to run marathons that kept us fed.
Quick history lesson:
Back in the day, humans would chase, say, a buffalo.
The buffalo is surely faster, so it would outrun us.
Yet, after some time would pass, the buffalo would tire, stop, and rest.
But the human would just running, so it would eventually catch up with said buffalo.
The buffalo, now scared again, would run off again.
And so, the pattern would continue.
That is, until the buffalo would reach exhaustion.
And at that point, the buffalo can’t run any further, and once again, the human catches up.
Unable to move, the buffalo is slain, and the humans are fed.

Don’t be the buffalo that sprints, exhausts, and then keels over.

Be the human that endures the marathon to end up victorious. 


2. Keep Reading, Keep Learning, Keep on Keeping on.
Then, use this knowledge.



If knowledge is power.. then what are you waiting for?
Get reading!!

Some of the most beautiful things about the human mind are our abilities to read and learn, to absorb and remember, and to then adapt and implement.

If you are blessed enough to be able to do these, please use that ability!

It is truly a gift to be able to, and if you are not utilizing your mind’s ability, you are not only wasting it..

But your mind will eventually stop being able to.

Use this wisely.


3. Take breaks regularly, lest you take a break indefinitely.


Again, stop trying to sprint, young buffalo!
You are a human. Endure the marathon wisely.

Jokes aside, take breaks.
You will not get anywhere with losing sleep and putting your health and sanity aside.

Taking a break now, will keep your mind fresh to continue on later.

Taking breaks means that you are investing in yourself now.

The biggest investment you can make into your business is to invest in yourself first.

Don’t forget, people can literally die from not sleeping. Your brain needs the break.

So, please take a break soon.
Or, you will end up taking a permanent break later.


4. This isn’t easy.
Stay Resilient, Confident, and Focused.


I do not care what some people will tell you about this:
It is NOT easy.

You have to stay resilient.
There will be ups and downs, so remember the former when experiencing the latter.
If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Stay confident.
You are capable. You are worthy. You will see the fruits of your labor.
Remember to keep your chin up.

Stay focused.
While keeping your chin up, try to keep your head down
(yes that’s a funny image to me too).
Nonetheless, this is a marathon.
Keep your goals in mind and your heart pure.

You got this!



Conscio Marketing employs even more ways to market consciously for conscious business.

It’s what we’re most passionate about!


For these tips and more, follow us on all social platforms.

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But, nonetheless:


Happy Conscious Marketing!




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