In Essence:

  • Hashtags allow people who are not currently following you to see and engage with your content
  • Hashtags boost your standing in the algorithm
  • Have 3 major sets of hashtags: Community (niche, brand, community), Industry-specific, and Post-specific
  • Hashtags should be used as a way to stay in touch with trends in your industry and the social world as a whole


How and why to use hashtags:

“I like hashtags because they look like waffles”
Paula Wethington


Now.. While waffles are indeed amazing.. they are no hashtag

So.. How and why to use Hashtags?

Hashtags are capable of doing so much in benefit of your marketing efforts and content production.

Today we’ll discuss some reasons to use hashtags as well as some ways to optimize the way you use them.


For your consideration:


1. For Those Not Following You

So you’re posting every day. Your content is great, your current followers love it. It all seems great. And, yet, you aren’t getting more followers or an increased engagement. You’ve hit a wall of stagnation and you’re wondering why.


That’s one purpose of hashtags! Using appropriate hashtags with backed research allows you to reach a wider audience.


That means that people who are not following you will be shown your content through the use of your hashtags.


Why, you ask? Well, because on socials, people express their interests through everything the do. Things they like, what they share, on what they comment.. Everything is tracked and noted to provide you with content that you would find engaging.


The Algorithm

As mentioned before, when you use hashtags to relate to the audience you seek, Instagram will show you to more people. This is all a part of their algorithm.


Instagram rewards you with more eyes with the more concentrated and consistent you are with the niche that you align with. If your niche is marketing, you shouldn’t try to align with a completely different niche from day to day.

The 3 Main Sets of Hashtags

  1. Consistent hashtags – Niche, brand, and community
    Niche Tags have to do with whichever niche you belong to. Do your best to stay within this niche.
    Brand – You need a few tags that are directly related to your business/brand. What’s specific to you.
    Community – What the people in your community would tag! This includes location.
  2. Industry Hashtags
    Use these tags for your particular industry and whatever your industry would be tagging. A good way to find out exactly what you should be tagging in this case, a simple search on google for those hashtags would provide good knowledge. I also suggest looking at industry leaders and what hashtags they are using.
  3. Post Hashtags
    Each post should have hashtags specific to that post. If that particular post is about the Superbowl, tag that!

The Trends

  1. Social –
    There are more general trends that you may be able to use. Going with the same example, if there is a way to contribute to the Superbowl hashtag while still being somewhat consistent with your account, go for it! Valentines day, Black Lives Matter, and so forth are all hashtags that you may be able to contribute to and perhaps would have a multifaceted goodness if you did.
  2. Industry –
    There will always be trends that are specific to your industry. When Instagram added reels, everyone wanted to know how it was going to affect the algorithm and how to use it effectively.


All in all, using hashtags is a good practice. Not using them is always a missed opportunity.

What are your favorite hashtags? Say so below!

As always:

Happy Conscious Marketing!


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