In Essence:

  • Posting on social media once a day is a good rule of thumb across all platforms
  • Stay consistent with posting
  • Your followers want to hear from you, so keep them engaged!
  • Be patient with your content. You’ll have plenty of time to post them over time


How often should i be posting
on social media?

“People who smile while they are alone used to be called insane, until we invented smartphones and social media.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana


This question is asked by so many.

And, for good reason!

How much is too much?

How little is not enough?

Am I annoying my followers?

Do my followers even remember I exist?


Deep Breath.

This is actually quite simple.

We will break it down by some popular platforms.


For your consideration:


1. Facebook

Once a day

Facebook allows,

and actually even promotes, when you post once a day.

This amount doesn’t clutter timelines,

and it still keeps your customers engaged.

If you die to post more than once in a day, do so seldomly!


2. Instagram

once a day

You can occasionally get away with missing a day

Truly refrain from posting more than once a day however!

Posting more than once a day, will, in fact, annoy your followers.

Use your IG story for those burning desires throughout the day!

Try to stay consistent


3. Twitter

Multiple times a day, but at least once

Twitter is one of the unicorn platforms because

you can actually get away with posting multiple times in a day

It actually may improve your rating to do so!

Limit to 7.

3-5 posts a day is sort of the sweet spot

4. Youtube

A few time a week, but stay consistent!

This works best if you have a few days a week your followers can expect you to post

If you want to have a “food Friday” make sure you are posting your food video every Friday. It gives people a schedule while giving you time to create quality videos!

5. Pinterest

frequently and consistently

Pinterest posts are relatively simple.

I recommend using Pinterest mainly for

gaining website traffic and driving a few more sales.


Happy Conscious Marketing!


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