In Essence:

  • Local Business; it improves your chances of being heard and recognized.
  • Community; it helps improve the society in which you most intimately live in – and beyond.
  • Friendship; it creates a bond within your community that makes for better relations.
  • Doing good; it improves the lives of those around you that you have chosen to coexist with.


Why You Should Start Local


“When strangers start acting like neighbors…
communities are reinvigorated.”

Ralph Nader – 

We all belong to some level of community with local business.
Whether you live in a town with 50 people..
Or a city with 50 million..
Each and every one of us has a community that we may refer to as our neighbors.

Unfortunately, however, not every “neighbor” is actually treated neighborly in this day and age.
It seems that more often than not, people disregard those living a stone’s throw away.

But why?

Why disregard your neighbors when considering how you can better society and flourish your local business?
Is “think globally, act locally” a sentiment of the past?
Absolutely not!

And yet, you see so many people forget that they belong to a community that should boost each other up and create a great place to live.

Nowadays, with the technology that can connect you to someone across the globe quicker than it takes to walk next door to your neighbor’s place, it’s no wonder that people are opting for the former.

However, what do you think happens when we proceed with the latter – cross the fence that separates you from your neighbor?
Spoiler alert: GREAT things.

So what are some reasons to do so?

Let’s delve in!


1. In Local business, it improves your chances of being heard and recognized.




Any idea how many local businesses are in the States alone?
Millions upon millions.
How many in your backyard?
A small fraction.

Utilize that fact!

You are not the only person who will want to see their community grow and better.
Meaning, there are people who will choose local business with you for the sole reason that you are located in the same vicinity they are!

Even down to something as essential as listing on google is affected by where you live and operate.
Conscio Marketing shows up sooner in Tempe, Arizona than it does in Manhattan, Kansas.

If you seek to help out your neighbor first and foremost, you will see that you receive a greater recognition and impact in a shorter amount of time.


2. In community, it helps improve the society in which you most intimately live in – and beyond.




So, now you’re an established local business in your community.
Now what?
You know have the ability to affect your community in important ways. How well you do as a local business of your community will now directly affect how your community does.

Amazing, isn’t it?

So, now you, and everyone else in your community, has another special reason to really ensure the prosperity of your local business.

It is through the success of your local business, and your neighbors’ local business, that you get a community that builds and has everlasting effects.



3. In friendship, it creates a bond within your community that makes for better relations.


I know that you’re probably not in business primarily to make friends..
The people who could potentially patronize your business the most could fall under those that you have developed a connection with.

Remember this:
In order for someone to truly do long-term business with you, they require 3 things.

1. They must know you.
Not just know you exist, but actually know that you are a person with good intentions and a heart.

2. The must like you.
Being likeable makes a huge difference!
Say your product is on par with someone else’s in town.
Say there is really no discernable difference between you and someone else.

But, you’re more liked.

Who do you think they’re going to choose?

3. They must trust you.
Who wants to do business with someone that they don’t trust?
What could possibly be the benefit for them to get into a situation they are not comfortable with?
Therefore, being trusted is the final key in a 3-part lock that allows people to do business with you without a worry.

And, so, make friends who know, like, and trust you!

In doing so, you will increase your business and create a community around your business that will ensure its longevity.


4. In doing good, it improves the lives of those around you that you have chosen to coexist with.



I would love to say that I’m 100% altruistic and that my intention are so pure that I have zero expectation of reciprocation.
However, in the aim for transparency, I’m not.

I try my best to do as much good as I can. I really do.
Often enough, I do them without an expectation in sight.

Altough, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want anything in return.

If I don’t see a direct return in benefit, my request is that it’s paid forward.
In paying it forward, we create a society that I actually don’t mind living in.

It takes that first ripple effect though.
Someone has to start it. 

Why not you?


Conscio Marketing employs even more ways to market consciously for conscious business.

It’s what we’re most passionate about!
Learn more here!


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But, nonetheless:


Happy Conscious Marketing!




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