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Conscio's Story

Image by Giammarco

It all started with a Philosophy..


A Philosophy Course in college, to be precise.

This course would set in motion the carefully formed and curated ways of life and business that Conscio's founder, Curran Walia, live by.

Curran spent a lot of time thinking about different ways to do business and, finally, asked the following question..

Why value being "Conscious" above all else?

A truly Conscious person can fully comprehend, and is more likely to adopt, Conscious Principles.


These principles have no bound while existing as a boiled down catch-all of values worth valuing.

These consist of, but are by no means limited by, principles such as being empathic, honest, diligent, and much, much more.

By now, you may be asking..

Why should I care?

You see, with each day that passes, we all have more and more access to information.

It's an endless, sometimes overwhelming, supply of information.

We as a society have been reaching our limit on being manipulated into buying something we either don't really need or will highly regret getting.

We're seeing that our vote is often cast with the dollar we spend, and we're sick of seeing our dollars contribute to the pervasive corruption, suffering, and earthly downfall.

So, let's talk discuss..


What's the relevance to Marketing?

Conscious Businesses belong in the forefront.

Their audiences' interest belong there too.

We can help.

Marketing is literally the first interaction between business and patron.

Something let that patron know that you not only exist but that you exist for them.

We expertly craft that message (in a CONSCIOUS way) and deliver it directly to an audience that cares with the same passion you do.

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