What is the benefit of facebook advertising?

“Mark has the most long-term perspective I’ve ever seen. This guy is uber uber uber on the long-term view.”
― David Kirkpatrick, 
The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That is Connecting the World 


Did you know that Facebook, as of February 2021, has 2.8 billion active monthly users?

That would be about 27.5% of the world’s population.

That would be pretty darn close to a 1/3 of the world’s population.


Based on numbers alone, Facebook Advertising should speak for itself.

However, let’s take this a little further.

 From my experience, I’ve encountered numerous businesses that either didn’t understand the benefits of using Facebook advertising at all, or they didn’t understand the scope of how beneficial it was.



Here are some things to consider:


1. Facebook has an entire Ads Manager to use

That means that Facebook has an entire business dashboard

dedicated to allowing businesses to advertise and prosper through Facebook.


2. With the correct knowledge, you can successfully market with little to no cost.

The way Facebook has been built, they do offer the ability to boost your posts,

pay for advertising, and reach as many people as you can afford.

However, having the correct know-how would show you that you can actually reach

exactly who you want to and how you want to with a very little ad budget.


The targeting you can use is quite powerful.

Consider all the information Facebook has about you – Location, age, gender, preferences, likes, etc.

Now, consider the fact that as a business,

you can actually target the exact profile of your ideal customer with some knowledge and split testing.

This means that not only you benefit, but so do your customers!

This intimate marketing allows the exchange between business and customers to be more desired.

So, rather than having irrelevant nonsense advertised to them,

customers get to see your wonderful product instead! (:



All in all, Facebook advertising is an amazing tool. It is unfortunately not utilized by many businesses, so having your business market correctly on Facebook could really set you ahead of the curve.

Happy Conscious Marketing!

In Essence:

  • Facebook has such a large user base, it refuses to be ignored
  • Facebook has used its platform to work with businesses and create ads
  • Advertising through Facebook is can be incredibly inexpensive if done correctly
  • Facebook advertising is a very powerful tool


In Essence:

  • Marketing online allows you to connect with more people
  • Internet marketing is a useful tool to fulfill your conscious mission
  • Being able to advertise to people of your choice allows a stronger connection to take place
  • You can relieve yourself of the pressure to connect


Why Should I Market Online?

“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people”
– Pierre Omidyar

This is an often-asked question.

Perhaps you have been in business for 20+ years..

Perhaps you have only been in business for 1 year..

Either way, the answer is the same:
Marketing online is the only guaranteed way to know that you are reaching the customers or clients that you know would love what you have to offer.


Think about it this way:

Almost everyone you meet is connected to the internet in some way, right?

And, of those innumerable connections to the internet, you are also bound to find that most of them also own phones, have an email, and have done some shopping online, right?

And lastly, of all those people, you would probably bet that most of them also have some social media, right?

That’s why.


One of the most beautiful notions about the time we live in is that we are more interconnected than ever. We can be as in touch with our neighbor as we are with someone across the globe.
It’s this connection that we are here to utilize.
It’s this connection that we are here to strengthen.

Because, it is through this connection that businesses can offer their amazing goods and services to the people who will really appreciate them.

To the people who could see a positive difference in their life through this connection.

So, to answer, why bother with internet marketing?

It’s simple.

For businesses that consciously seek to provide their customers with the difference that improves their lives, it relieves the pressure of making that connection.

Happy Conscious Marketing!


In Essence:

  • Conscio Marketing = Conscious Marketing
  • We seek Conscious Businesses
  • Success is when the product improves a life
  • We take care of you so you can take care of your customers


Who is Conscio Marketing?

“Conscio” is the etymology for the word “conscious.”

So, now you’re probably wondering what Conscious Marketing could possibly entail?

Here it is:

We love conscious businesses.


We love the businesses that think and do everything they can to provide their customers and clients with an experience they die to tell everyone about.

It’s the businesses that really take a conscious approach to how they can improve their customers’ lives that end up doing really well and surviving the test of time.


Therefore, when we make claims to “Conscious Marketing,”

we are promising to do the same for our clients.

We want our clients to know that we are taking every. single. measure. to ensure their experience with us improves their lives, their business, and of course – their customer’s lives too.

We started this company with the knowledge that internet marketing is the way to bring great ideas and businesses to the forefront.

It’s understood and accepted that in order to stay relevant, an online presence is needed.

That’s where we come in.

Conscio Marketing strives to think of everything, from the beginning to the end, and employ exactly what businesses need to be a success.

With Conscio, you are not just a client..

You are a Conscious Partner.

And, we take care of our own.